When Laws Get Crazy: A Conversation Between Jon Jones and Prince

Jon: Hey, Prince! Have you heard about the crazy laws that still exist in the United States?

Prince: Yeah, it’s pretty wild. Did you know that there are specific regulations for keeping hedgehogs in Nebraska?

Jon: I can’t believe that! Speaking of laws, do you know anything about the service of process rules in the District of Columbia?

Prince: I’m not really familiar with that, but I did recently use a property tax calculator for Nova Scotia.

Jon: Interesting! Have you ever come across an LMA syndicated loan agreement?

Prince: No, I haven’t. But I did come across a website that offers an IMFPA agreement for free download.

Jon: That sounds useful! By the way, have you ever looked into the clothing laws in Canada?

Prince: No, but I have wondered, is call recording legal in Australia?

Jon: Good question. I’ve also been curious about what you can do with a JD law degree.

Prince: There seem to be endless possibilities. Hey, before we go, have you heard about the law minister of Bihar?